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investment banking deal toys

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investment banking tombstones and deal toys

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  investment banking deal toys

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 lucite tombstones and deal toys

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investment banking deal toys

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 lucite tombstones and acrylic paperweights




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lucite tombstones and acrylic awards
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lucite tombstones, financial deal toys, IPO, M&A


Lucitetombstones & Acrylic Deal Toys

 Commemorate an event, deal, meeting, merger, M&A, IPO, announcement, legal/ financial transaction, groundbreaking, or celebrate your organization.

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We are the leaders in custom LucitetombstonesLucite Embedments, Lucite Awards, Plaques & Financial Deal Toys for the corporate world. Thousands of traditional Lucite deal toys and endless creative custom Lucite shapes available.




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lucite tombstones and deal gifts




Leaders in Global Business Deal Toys & Commemorative Awards!
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lucite tombstones and acrylic paperweights

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Tomb-stone  (tōōm'stōn')?    

"In advertising, a tombstone refers to a particular type of print advertisement appearing in a newspaper. Tombstone ads are often used in the financial industry to commemorate a financial transaction, ... for example, a merger, acquisition, or issue of shares.  Now, a general term for a "Lucite" custom made embedment in a Lucite block, a deal toy, or an acrylic award."

Lucitetombstones: cast acrylic w/ a permanent insert floating inside the liquid acrylic award

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"The Lucite deal toys were perfect! Great job and we're glad we found a vendor that does a professional job. It reflects on both of our organizations."    D. FEINSTEIN, Merrill Lynch

"I am pleased to say that you have surpassed my expectations with the Lucite embedments you and your company prepared for our clients!  Despite my many changes, you managed to magically process my pieces in the Lucite and have the Lucite gifts here in my office, more perfect than I could have imagined, on December 4th!!-- exactly as you promised you would!  You and A Better Idea have made a lasting impression"... you are the best!"
JAMIE R. HUBKA  Law Offices of E. R. Brenner

"The Lucite gifts were perfect in every way. I have bookmarked your site & will use your company for all my Lucite." M.HALL Mercedes Benz USA   

"Thanks for doing such a great job with my Lucite exceeded all my expectations."  DAVID SHALL, SR VP Twentieth Century Fox TV

"The lucite cubes came out GREAT! ...Thank you for all of your personal attention and for turning the lucite awards around in record time.  I cannot express my satisfaction more than to say "A Better Idea! is our vendor of choice from here on out. I look forward to our continued business relationship"  L. GERRARD, ACT,/CLARENT,  CA   

"I have used other vendors in the past but I have never dealt with a more knowledgeable staff. Thanks for offering such great suggestions for my dinner.  I will be sure to pass the word to my colleagues that A Better Idea is my choice when they want great quality and service!   J. ROBINSON, Goldman Sachs

#1 Financial Industry Supplier!

    As quoted in:     USA Today lucite tombstones article and art of the deal

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LUCITETOMBSTONES™:  Deal Toys: "A written advertisement placed by investment bankers in a public offering of a security. It gives basic details about the issue and, in order of importance, the underwriting groups involved in the deal."   

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Beat The Competition With Lucitetombstones™

Lucite Deal Toy awards are paperweights or custom shaped Lucite gifts that have proven to be an effective advertising promotional item.  They are also known as tombstones, because the shape of the traditional pieces are rectangular Lucite shapes. Our lucitetombstones™ are exactly this type of award. For the financial industry, the printed insert in the Lucite rectangle or Lucite cube is usually a "tombstone" as seen in the Wall Street Journal and referred to as a "deal toy" "deal toys" or "deal gifts" in investment banking circles.  We call them "lucitetombstones™ and Financial Deal Toys. More and more corporate and financial clients are beginning to utilize Lucite as a valuable announcement and promotion tool.  Offering Lucite deal toy paperweights or Lucite deal gifts to your clients, buyers, or corporate team members helps you beat the competition and promote your identity, product or theme in a classic way.    Lucite...a professional promotional tool and unique handmade award deal toy.

Cast Acrylic Lucite Shapes - Financial Deal Toys

A custom Lucite Cube or Lucite Block award is often referred to as cast acrylic because this type of acrylic is a liquid form that is cast to produce a custom shaped Lucite paper weight.  An ideal corporate desk award item for product launch or announcements or simply for your company’s employees. These custom engraved or printed deal toys and acrylic awards will be a dynamic advertising tool for your company. A Better Idea has offered deal toys and acrylic awards to corporations and individuals for the past 35 years. Whether you want to add a clear insert, white card or photo to your Lucite shape we will help you convey a professional image and we have the right Lucite award for you.  Fun and durable acrylic Lucite, custom manufactured for your  marketing or event success! 

Send a Powerful Message With Custom Lucite Awards

Add your company logo and message to an acrylic paperweight or Lucite deal toy and it immediately becomes a instrument through which your company gains advertising exposure with little effort. Your employees and customers will love receiving these custom cast financial deal toys or Lucite gifts. With acrylic designs ranging from classic rectangles blocks, or cubes, to more customized designs...Lucite award paperweight deal toys from A Better Idea will announce a product or commemorate a event with more class and design than any other promotion available.  Send a powerful message with financial deal toys & Lucite corporate gifts and our many acrylic awards!


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